Chess can:

- Increase IQ

- Exercise both sides of the brain 

- Increase creativity and problem-solving skills

- Improve memory 

- Improve concentration 

- Teach planning and foresight 

- Increase social skills

After being taught chess at an early age by his father, the founder, during a trip to New York, observed many older students from many different backgrounds playing chess together in Central Park and having fun while playing. This was the inspiration for KidsForChess, which encourages children to engage in an activity that has a specific purpose,  rather than wasting time playing mindless video games aimlessly for hours.

After joining his elementary school's chess club (at Chattahoochee Elementary : http://chattahoocheees.org/home.html ) The founder also won or placed high in several local tournaments, achieved a high state ranking, and has been coached professionally by an accredited and nationally ranked GrandMaster. 

KidsForChess aims to supplement brain development in children through a strategy game played by millions worldwide, in person or online

All profits will be donated to a local charity serving local children and their needs.

Thanks to Mr. Jeffrey Lee, Principal at Chattahoochee Elementary ( http://chattahoocheees.org/Page1c.htm?MID=191 ) for donating the chess sets for the camp)