Kids for Chess

Kids for Chess

A Registered 501(c)(3) non profit organization

Structuring a kids summer camp can be difficult..

..especially one revolving around a board game based on tactics. 

However, a breakdown of the camp's structure can be found here:

Arrival and Check In

As a reminder, your child does not need to have any experience to participate! If your child does have experience, he/she will be grouped with others of the same skill level.

Diagnostic Game

To begin each day, the students will play a match of chess against an opponent of equal level of skill.

Reflection and Group Work

After their first game, students will take a short break. (Snacks and water will be provided, but lunch will not). Next, they will begin reflecting upon their game and how they can improve. To target specific game tactics, the camp's instructors will meet in groups with each child to ensure individual attention.


After becoming motivated to show off what they learned from their instructors, students will complete practice puzzles and brain teasers that test their chess playing abilities, this time against another opponent of equal level of skill or working together with a friend.

Final Reflection

After playing a second game, students will once again reflect on their tactics and talk about both their successes and mistakes with the camp instructors. The next day of camp, the students will begin with another diagnostic game to continue the cycle of improvement. On the following days of camp, the students will also play team chess games such as Bug House Chess and Life Size Chess.

We will also have trophies for children based on most improved, most games won, best sportsmanship and others.