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Kids for Chess

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Successful first camp!


Thank you to all parents, sponsors, and volunteers!

The first Kids For Chess Camp of 2018 has been a success. Kids from beginner to intermediate to expert levels at chess worked on their strategy, self confidence, openings, and end game. From working through chess puzzles, to playing against computers, and even playing a round robin tournament, all kids grew as chess players and are excited to keep playing chess.

Special thank you to Publix, Sprouts, Office Depot/Max, Rita's Ice, Chattahoochee Elementary School, Chick Fil A, and North Georgia Graphics; without these sponsors, the camp would not have been such a success.

In the future kids plan to keep playing chess online, with their family and friends, and participating in another chess camp in December.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list for Kids For Chess (if you participated in the first camp, you are already on the list) please email

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Donation to Rainbow Village

Rainbow Village is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the cycle of homelessness, poverty, and domestic violence.

KidsForChess has donated thousands of dollars to the Rainbow Village and is dedicated to helping improve the quality of life of all children.

KidsForChess looks forward to working together with Rainbow Village in the future.